SaRuNa LV - ConVersaTion LV or To come to an understanding, to speak for future in Latvia

SaRuNa LV - ConVersaTion LV or To come to an understanding, to speak for future in Latvia

01/08/2023 - 31/01/2026

The Education Development Centre continues working with third-country nationals by organising Latvian language courses and conversation clubs.

Purpose of the project “SaRuNaLV or To come to an understanding, to speak for future in Latvia”, No. PMIF/13.2./2023/1/02, is to organise Latvian language courses and conversation clubs for citizens of third-countries by expanding the availability of possibilities of acquirement of Latvian language and adapting them to the needs of various groups.

During the span of 30 months of the project, it is planned to organise training classes of Latvian language (in the volume of 120 hours) for 33 groups in full-time and remote mode and conversation clubs for various levels of language skills (A and B).

Along with the language courses and clubs, the trainees will receive consultations, be able to participate in common on the spot closing events, thus expanding opportunities for the use of language in daily communication together with Latvian-speaking persons and immediate family members. Training will be organised remotely or in person. Within the framework of the project, graduates will be provided with the option to pass the state language examination at the National Centre for Education. Target group of this project includes also participation of young people aged from 13 to 25 years.

The project “SaRuNaLV or To come to an understanding, to speak for future in Latvia” is being implemented within the framework of the European Union’s Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund 2021-2027 Planning Period and jointly funded by the European Union (75%) and the state budget of Latvia (25%).


You can apply for Latvian language learning groups here:
Next groups at levels A and B will be organised from February 2024. Subject to  availability!

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You are welcome to the onsite Conversation Clubs on the EDC premises at 34a Dzirnavu Street, Apt. 8, Riga.

       We meet every other Wednesday on
       1, 15, 29 November
       13 and 27 December
       10 and 24 January
       7 and 21 February
       6 and 20 March
       3 and 17 April
       1, 15, 29 May
       12 and 26 June

  • Conversation Club for Level B participants takes place Thursdays from 18:00–20:30. First meeting to be held on 23 November, and further every other Thursday until 9 May next year. Apply at: 

We are looking forward to see you, too! This is an opportunity to use in practice the skills learnt in the classes for communication with other persons beyond the training group.

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SaRuNa plakats 2023 ENG3

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Project budget during the implementation period from 1 August 2023 to 31 January 2026 has been estimated in the amount of EUR 524 187,65 .


Project team:
Iveta Vērse (Director of the EDC)
Linda Kluša (Project Manager)
Aija Kalve (Pedagogical Manager)
Līga Puniņa (Training Coordinator)
Aija Rusiņa (Accountant and HR Specialist)
Danute Grīnfelde (Information Technology Support Coordinator)