End-of-Summer Activities for Third-Country Nationals

For the project participants, the end of August turned out to be quite eventful – seven groups completed our 120-hour language course, and on 24 August the End-of-Summer Event took place at the Latvia... Read More

Evaluation for the Latvian language courses

In May of this year, 108 third-country nationals have completed their studies in Latvian language groups. The training took place remotely and in different level (A and B) groups. In May, within the f... Read More

A new situation – a new learning experience

Time is running out and it has been a month since the training began. We are doing  distance learning. Therefore, the question of how the trainees feel and what are their conclusions about learning th... Read More

How to start feeling at home? or twenty hours about the most important things for immigrants in Latvia

After unusual restrictions in spring, the Education Development Centre team is especially pleased to start the face-to-face integration classes of the project “Living in Latvia” for third-country nati... Read More

Интеграционные мероприятия в Латвии для лиц, принадлежащих третьим странам

8 июля у приехавших в Латвию лиц была возможность познакомиться с жителями Латвии через столетия, посетив совместную выставку музеев Латвии «Столетие Латвии» в Латвийском Национальном историческом муз... Read More

When teaching remotely, be positive in your attitude and thinking!

This spring was a challenging time, which made us reconsider the possibilities for training when the strict rules must be observed due to the Covid-19 virus. The project team decided to start teaching... Read More

Face-to-Face Courses Have Begun!

After the spring full of unusual restrictions, the team of the Education Development Centre is very happy to start face-to-face courses within the project “Living in Latvia”. On July 1, the first two ... Read More

We learn together, we learn remotely …

This year in the middle of January and February, the acquisition of the state language was launched in 8 groups of the project “Living in Latvia - learning the Latvian language (2nd stage)”. The studi... Read More

Completing the learning in 2019

Active work has been going on the whole year in the language acquisition groups in the project “Living in Latvia – learning the Latvian language”. It has resulted in 200 third country nationals who st... Read More

You are welcome to participate in the 4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy on January 16 - 21, 2020 in Tallin, Estonia

You are welcome to participate in the 4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy "Searching for a Common language" which will take place on January 16 - 21, 2020 in Tallin, Estonia.P.S. In case you decide ... Read More

We invite participants to the Latvian language support group in EDC in autumn

This year on May, the project “Living in Latvia – learning Latvian (2nd stage)” launched the work of the Latvian language support group with 15 meetings (30 hours). The aim of the activity is to give ... Read More

Summarizing the first half-year results in educating the third country nationals

This year in April and May the participants of the EDC project “Living in Latvia - learning Latvian (2nd stage) ” have completed the acquisition of 120 hours course in eight Latvian language groups in... Read More